Singles Chat
live singles chat for
any single chatter
who wnats to meet someone new!
Teen Chat
teen chat is for ages
16-19 only, very
popular fun free chat room!
Kids Chat
13-15 years old only
kids chat, lots
of exciting fun in Kids Chat!
Roleplay Chat
act out your inner
most fantasies in
our free roleplay chat room!
Trivia Chat
test your brain skills
with thousands of
questions from our trivia bot!
Help Chat
help chat is for chat-
related and website
related technical support only!
Welcome to ChatZero.Com

ChatZero.Com is a fun family chat site for kids, teens, and singles! We also have different chat rooms like our famous trivia chat and our very unique and fun roleplay chat! Our chat rooms come fully featured and require no setup or downloads, as long as you have Java installed (Which most computers do) you are ready to chat! Our free chat rooms are rated #1 on the web because they have awesome features! Here are a few chat room features here at ChatZero.Com:
  • Font and Color settings are changeable. With emoticons available too!
  • P2P Messaging (Person to Person private messaging option.
  • Ignore options (You can ignore a person with a single click!)
  • Buddy Lists (See which of your friends is online, and where they are!
ChatZero.Com - A few free chat rooms...

Below is a list of our most popular free chat rooms. Which like always, are 100% FREE!

Teen Chat - Teen Chat is a popular and free teen chat room that has many cool features like all of our free chat rooms here at! Teen Chat is for ages 16-19 only and is moderated for content. Please keep your chats clean, fun, and friendly! Thank you!

Kids Chat - Our fast growing kids chat is just for the Kids only! Ages 13-15 is strictly enforced. Anyone over or under this age will be banned. Kids Chat is a fun and free kids chat room and has all the cool features of our other chat rooms. So join today and have fun!

Roleplay Chat - If you are into roleplaying out your fantasies while chatting, then the Roleplay Chat Room is definitely the chat room for you. It is for all ages and is a CLEAN chat room, so please be respectful and polite and have fun, here at ChatZero.Com!

...See all of our chat rooms.

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