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ChatZero.Com - Invite Friends

ChatZero.Com has this cool new feature on its web site, and you have found it! It is the 'invite friends' feature! This is a very simple to use web form that allows you to invite up to 6 friends at once to the fun here at ChatZero.Com! Simply enter the required fields below on the form and click "Send". Then, your friends or family or whoever you are sending the form to, will get a very short e-mail with a link to ChatZero.Com and a short description. You have our garauntee we will never use their e-mail address for any other purpose! So waste no further time, start inviting friends now! If you need any technical assistance with the form, you can contact us!

ChatZero.Com - Invite Friends Form

Required: (*)

  * Your Name:

  * Your Email:

  Your Friends Email Addresses:

  * Friend 1:

  Friend 2:

  Friend 3:

  Friend 4:

  Friend 5:

  Friend 6:


Thank you for telling your friends about ChatZero.Com!

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