Singles Chat
live singles chat for
any single chatter
who wnats to meet someone new!
Teen Chat
teen chat is for ages
16-19 only, very
popular fun free chat room!
Kids Chat
13-15 years old only
kids chat, lots
of exciting fun in Kids Chat!
Roleplay Chat
act out your inner
most fantasies in
our free roleplay chat room!
Trivia Chat
test your brain skills
with thousands of
questions from our trivia bot!
Help Chat
help chat is for chat-
related and website
related technical support only!
ChatZero.Com - Chat Rooms

ChatZero.Com has some really great free chat rooms for our visitors to choose from. Our chat rooms are fully featured Java chatspace applets with some of the best features available. Which is why ChatZero.Com is the best chat site on the internet. We have chat rooms like teen chat, kids chat, singles chat, and other cool chat rooms! So look below at all of our cool free chat rooms, but 1st, read over the short rules/guidelines list below, Thank You!
  • Don't advertise other websites
  • Don't use racial remarks
  • Don't be abusive towards other chatters
  • Don't flood the channel with text
  • Don't be in chat rooms you arent supposed to be in!
  • Have fun, and invite your friends to ChatZero.Com!
ChatZero.Com - Free Chat Rooms

Below is a list of our most popular free chat rooms. Which like always, are 100% FREE!

Teen Chat - Teen Chat is a perfect chat room for teens. This Teen Chat here at ChatZero.Com has a lot of teens chatting in it on a nightly basis, so it never gets boring. Our Teen Chat is meant for teens aged 16-19 only and is a clean chat room, so please be good! Thank you!

Trivia Chat - If you are tired of the usual chat scene, come to Trivia Chat for awhile! This chat room is one of a kind. It has an automated bot which asks hundreds of thousands of different random questions and keeps track of your score! Come check out Trivia Chat now!

Singles Chat - The Singles Chat Room here at ChatZero.Com is perfect for someon whos Single and looking for a little flirty fun in their life. It is for all ages but is still a clean oriented chat with moderators watching closely. Come find your true love in the Singles Chat tonight!

Roleplay Chat - Roleplay Chat is a very unique chat room among the chat rooms here at ChatZero.Com. It allows you to become whom ever you would like to be, and act out your inner most fantasies. It is for all ages and is a CLEAN chat. So please be polite and courteous to all members, thank you!

Kids Chat - Our one and only Kids Chat Room is for the younger teens of the world today. We like to keep it down to ages 13-15 ONLY! If anyone is under or over this age group, you will be banned. So join the Kids Chat and have some fun chatting Kids, its a safe and fun free chat room, right here at ChatZero!

Help Chat - Help Chat offers 24/7/365 technical support for our chat members here at ChatZero.Com. It is for technical support only, not for personal issues. So please, enter the chat, ask your question, and wait patiently for a moderator to respond. Thank you!

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